Our Children, Our Future/Nos enfants, notre avenir (OCOF/Nena) is a registered, charitable, non-profit organization committed to meeting the needs of expectant parents and families with children from birth to age 6.

Programs for Families

In a welcoming and supportive environment, we offer a wide range of programs and services to parents and children. Programs give the opportunity for families to meet, to learn and to grow together within the community that they live in. Families will receive parenting resources and supports, access to community referrals, as well as learn more about child development. Programs give the opportunity for children to meet new friends, learn new skills and prepare themselves for school.


Our programs take place in a variety of locations throughout the Greater City of Sudbury, Sudbury East & LaCloche areas. You can find programs in local schools, public libraries, churches, community centres and in neighbourhood parks and playgrounds. Please see our site pages to find a program in your neighbourhood!

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation reflect the needs of the community. They can vary from morning, afternoon or early evening and we may have weekend activities available. Please check out our site calendars for more information on dates & times.

Costs / Fees

All programs and services offered are FREE!

Membership / Registration

In order to become a member of Our Children, Our Future, all participants are asked to complete a membership/registration package. This information enables us to obtain statistical information for our organization and is being collected for the sole purpose of providing the participant and their children with access to the programs and services offered by OCOF.

Renewal forms are completed on an annual basis. None of the participant’s information will be shared with outside organizations or individuals without their consent.

Snacks & Refreshments

Nutritious snacks are offered FREE to participants to enjoy at all of our programs. All snacks are planned per the Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide to ensure the proper growth and development of children. Examples of what is provided for snack are: a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables, cheese & crackers, yogurt, bagels, ect … Milk and water are also available for refreshments.

Our Children, Our Future cannot guarantee a nut-free environment, however nuts or products containing nuts will not be served at any time. Labels of all food offered will be available for parents. Ingredient lists are available upon request, for all foods being served at programs and events. Given the wide variety of food allergies, participants are encouraged to NOT bring food/snack items into the centre.

Transportation Program

Transportation is available for registered participants. Bus tickets are available for participants to attend programs at Our Children, Our Future. OCOF may provide transportation to programs via taxi or company vehicle to those who live in an area where there is no adequate public transportation. Some restrictions may apply.

OCOF may transport participants to a program in their geographical catchment area. If a similar program is offered closer to where they reside they will be encouraged to attend that program.
Access to the transportation program may vary due to yearly budgets.

Please see our Transportation Guidelines for more information.

On-Site Childcare

Childcare may be available for registered participants of Our Children, Our Future during workshops, collective kitchen, discussion groups and parenting courses.

Childcare guidelines have been created based on established best practices in childcare, various legislative requirements and to maximize the benefit to parents/caregivers and the children in care. These guidelines reflect the values of Our Children, Our Future and our commitment to creating healthy children, healthy families, and healthy communities.

Please see our Childcare Guidelines for more information.

Illness / Influenza

To ensure the well-being of all participants, the centres are asking those who are ill to not attend program. At times it can be difficult for a parent/caregiver to determine if their child is well enough to attend the centre. In those instances, here is a general rule to apply: if the child is too ill to participate in regular indoor and outdoor activities, then the child is too ill to attend. Children who display the following symptoms:

  • unusual spots or rashes
  • discharge from the eyes
  • severe breathing difficulty
  • earache
  • fever above 101F
  • repeated diarrhea or vomiting
  • head lice or nits

or any other symptoms indicative of a contagious illness. We understand that this may pose an inconvenience for some families however we feel that only with consistent application can we provide the safest and healthiest environment for you and your child.

Our Team

At each of our locations we employee a team of experienced, qualified & dynamic professionals as Parent Resource Workers & Support Staff.

What can a Parent Resource Worker do for your family?

  • We can answer questions about child development.
  • We can refer you to emergency assistance.
  • We can answer your parenting questions.
  • We can offer information about other community resources.
  • We are here to listen.
  • We offer support.
  • We can advocate on your behalf.
  • We can connect you with other parents in the community.

Support Staff

The Program Support Staff is responsible for providing support to the programs and to provide high quality childcare and inclusion of all children in their program.

What can a Support Staff do for your family?

  • Provide high quality childcare to a group of young children.
  • Provide positive social experience including sharing, cooperation, and respect for others.
  • Provide experience and play materials that actively promote the emergent curriculum.
  • Provide a physically safe and emotionally supportive environment.